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            2. Home > Pressure transmitter/level transmitter series
              Pressure transmitter/level transmitter series

              Pressure transmitter/level transmitter series

              Product Details


              1. Product brief introduction

              Seal diaphragm is a pressure sensor component that used to prevent process medium directly into the differential pressure transmitter, they are connected with the transmitter through filled with fluid in the capillary. diaphragm sealed differential pressure transmitter used to measure liquid, gas or steam flow and liquid level, density and pressure, and then transform it into 4 ~ 20 mA DC signal output.  pressure transmitter series support BRAIN, HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus PROFIBUS PA or communication protocol.


              Excellent performance and stability:

              This series uses a formed from monocrystal silicon, a perfect material which has no hysteresis in pressure or temperature changes. The sensor minimizes overpressure, temperature change, and static pressure effects, and thus offers unmatched long-term stability.


              Compact and light-weight design:

              Half the weight of conventional models thanks to miniaturization of the casing with the amplifier ASIC, pressure cell structure, and flange. The ASIC uses the minimum number of parts and improves the reliability of the amplifier.


              Fieldbus communication capability:

              Fieldbus is a digital twoway communication system. It is a revolutionary technology for configuring instrumentation control systems and a promising successor to the standard 4 to 20 mA analog communication used in most field instruments today.


              2.Technical Parameters( differential pressure level transmitter  )



              M diaphragm capsule

              H diaphragm capsule










              Level of Protection

              IP67,NEMA 4X,JIS C0920 The immersion type



              Output Signal

              4~20mA DC or FOUNDATION? fieldbus PROFIBUS PA two wire system of digital communication


              BRAI and HART:10.5~42V DC (intrinsic safety type: 10.5~30V DC)
              Fieldbus:9~32V DC (intrinsic safety type Entitym model9~24V DC,intrinsic safety type FISCO model9~17.5V DC)

              Environment Temperature

              -40~60°C (-40~140°F) (Normal)
              -30~60°C (-22~140°F) (Built-in indicator in)
              The environment temperature must work in filling liquid temperature range.

              Process Temperature

              -50~300°C (-58~572°F)
              The environment temperature must work in filling liquid temperature range.

              Maximum Pressure

              Flange pressure rated


              Transmitter: 2 - inch pipe installation

              Diaphragm seal: flange installation

              Size of Flanges

              Flat flange type: 3-inch(80mm),2-inch(50mm)
              The convex flange type: 4-inch(100mm),3-inch(80mm)

              combination:Convex flange high side: 4-inch(100mm),The low voltage side of flat flange: 3-inch(80mm)


              Diaphragm material

              SUS316L,HastelloyC-276,Tantalum material, Titanium

              The Flange material



              Aluminum alloy or SUS316 stainless steel (optional)   






              No.3 Hengshan Road, ETDZ,Yantai,China