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            2. PRODUCT SHOW

              NEW PRODUCT

              AT3051LT LEVEL


              high accuracy, better than 0.1%, Supply goods in OEM base,Suitable for high temperature, high viscosity, corrosive medium

              HOT PRODUCT
              ABOUT US

              classic quality

              professional for you

              Yantai Auto Instrument Making Company Limited is located in Yantai, a seaside resort in Shandong peninsula with charming natural beauty and convenient transportation. The company is specialized in developing, producing and marketing the process control instruments, possessing the complete ability of automatic system engineering. We mainly produce differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, capacitive pressure sensor, RF admittance controller, tuning fork, level meter, winding ...




              OUR COMPANY


              We adopt firstly in Shandong of the certification of ISO9001:2000 for the instrument company by Premier company in July,2001, and we build the quality management system which comply with the international approval.

              Answers for industry

              YANTAI AUTO offers a comprehensive range of process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, YANTAI AUTO is your professional supplier for any project




              No.3 Hengshan Road, ETDZ,Yantai,China